Thrifty Gifty: Presents for the Whole Family 🎁

December 24, 2020

Contributed by: Augustine Pilon (@LAMYRTILLE), Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

This year, I challenged myself to offer second-hand gifts founded at my local Salvation Army Thrift Stores. I was afraid I would not find gifts for all members of my family, but I was able to find some beautiful gems.


Men's Clothing


First of all, I started by looking for clothes for my boyfriend. He doesn’t really take the time to shop for himself, so I often shop for him. I know he loves shirts, so I first went to the shirt section of the Thrift Store to find pieces I thought he would like. I was very lucky the day I went shopping at my Thrift Store, as there was a “two for one” on men’s clothing. I managed to buy four shirts for the price of two! I found shirts from Frank And Oak, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren at low prices. I feel that my boyfriend will be very happy with his Christmas presents!


BMW Book


After finding the shirts, I went to the book section to find something my father would like. He’s a fan of old cars, so when I found this used book on BMWs, I knew right away that he would like it. This kind of book can be very expensive, so I was very happy to have found one at a reasonable price and in excellent condition.




After finding a gift for my father, I went to the jeans section and was incredibly lucky to find this Levi’s 505 for men that looked practically new. My brother won’t believe his eyes when he will receive this gift. I know he loves to wear basic jeans and this cut will look great on him. The only place you could find a $10 pair of Levi’s is definitely in a thrift store!


Women's dress


After finding gifts for all the boys in my family, I went to the women’s section to find something for my mother and sister. First, I found this pretty summer dress that my mom will definitely like. In the summer, she loves to wear nice loose shirts or cotton dresses over her swimsuit, so I feel that this dress will become a key part of her summer wardrobe. I was charmed by the quality and lightness of the fabric, the cut and the pretty blue embroidered patterns that reminded me of traditional Hungarian dresses.


Women's white dress shirt

While I was searching gems in the women’s shirt section, I found this cute short sleeve shirt for my little sister. Last summer, she mentioned that she would like to have this kind of blouse, so when I found it, I immediately thought it would be for her. She will undoubtedly wear it tucked inside jeans or a beautiful skirt.




Finally, the latest find is this beautiful vintage coat made in Canada from wool and mohair blend. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for my sister. I’m sure she will like it and that she will take good care of it. If this blog didn’t convince you that you can’t find beautiful and good quality gifts at The Salvation Army Thrift Stores for the whole family, I don’t know what will 😉

Happy Holidays and happy thrifting 😊