Thrifty Gifty: Snowman Apron DIY

December 18, 2020

Take a thrifted apron and turn it into a festive fashion statement for your Christmas celebrations. You can use stencils or cookie cutters to add a pattern. You can stitch on it to make a reindeer, elf or snowman.



– thrifted apron

– scrap fabric and/or felt

– scissors

– needle and thread

– pins


Step 1

Source a secondhand apron at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Wash it and iron it.


Step 2

Create your festive character. I pinned pieces of felt and scrap fabric to create a snowman.


Step 3

I then used scrap fabric to add a bowtie. I also removed the front pocket and added pockets in the shape of mittens.


Step 4


Either stitch, sew or iron on your pieces to the apron to create your Xmas character. Once you’ve added all of the pieces then you’re done!

Snowman Apron DIY