Organizing your Home Office with Vintage Everyday Objects


I love giving a second life to objects and giving them a new purpose. When I thrift at The Salvation Army Thrift Store, I try to think outside the box and let my imagination take over to find objects with multiple uses. I was also looking for ways to keep my at-home workspace clean and organized while still looking stylish.

Photo 1

It’s in this atmosphere that I found these retro ultra-kitsch 70s faux wood kitchen canisters that were once used to store flour, coffee and tea. In the past few years, they have become very popular on the vintage market and sell at inflated prices. Fortunately, I have great luck finding them at my local Thrift Store – like this trio of boxes that only cost me $15 at the NDG Thrift Store in Montreal. They will be super useful in my home office and will be very handy to store pencils, scissors, rulers, etc. 

Photo 2

In addition to being ultra practical, these boxes give a retro and unique look to a home office space. I know that if I ever feel like changing decor in a few years, they will always be useful and I will definitely be able to find a new use for them!

Photo 3

In the meantime, I have a beautiful desk space to work from at home, organized and clutter-free. Happy thrifting!