Elevate Your At-Home Workspace With A Thrifted Desk Transformation

Contributed by: Erin Rochon of Erin Rochon Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

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As many of us have made the move to working or learning from home, it is important to have a functional and beautiful workspace. Defining your workspace with a desk is a great way to start creating this area. I always head to my local Salvation Army Thrift Store to find furniture – you can often find great pieces that just need a little updating. One of my most favorite thrifted finds is this stunning desk. I wanted to high five everyone when I found it.

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This unique desk is beautiful however it was a little outdated with many of the details getting lost with the dark wood. Transforming furniture to fit with your decor is easy to do with the right products and some inspiration. This desk had a Restoration Hardware feel to it.

The most important step when painting furniture is to always prep first. Prepping is a 3-step process where you first clean your furniture with TSP – Fusion’s TSP is my favourite. Use 220 sandpaper to scuff your furniture; scuffing the whole piece as if wiping down your kitchen table. The final step is to wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue. Click here to learn how to properly prep.

Once you have prepped your furniture you can get to the fun stuff and start painting. I used Canadian made chalk style FAT paint in Skyline to paint the whole piece and applied two coats (click here to learn more about FAT paint). I used FAT paint Gull Grey to accentuate the molding on the drawers.

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I used a black glaze along the edge and on these gorgeous curved legs to make them pop. I added gold leaf onto the hardware and feet to elevate the whole look, finishing with top coating the whole desk with FAT paint Clear Coat for durability. Click here to learn how to apply Clear Coat.

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I love the transformation of this thrifted desk, functional and stylish. Head to your local Salvation Army Thrift store for unique furniture finds. Happy thrifting!