Tis the season of donating


Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

With Christmas come and gone, it’s a great time to think of ‘in with the new and donating the old’. As Santa comes and treats us to our most wished for gifts - why not take those replaced pieces to your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. 

Here are 5 items that you may be receiving that means the old pieces could find a happy home at the thrift store:

1. Electronics
Phones, monitors, TVs - all lovely treats to receive. These are all electronics your local Salvation Army Thrift Store would be happy to receive.

2. Appliances
Festive gifts always include a new coffee machine, microwave or blender. Sometimes the most practical presents are the most cherished and could mean that old blender still has enough life for someone else to enjoy.

3. Sports equipment
Donate your old skates, skis and bikes to your local SA Thrift Store. For those wanting the most current, Xmas is a fun time to get the latest and greatest. But someone else would be more than happy to cherish your hand-me-downs.

4. Books
Books are the gift of knowledge and perfect for regifting to the Salvation Army.

5. Clothes
Finally I make the habit of donating clothes as frequently as possible. In with the new/new to me and out with the no longer used. I like to streamline my wardrobe and keep my stuff to a minimum.

Here’s hoping you had a very merry Christmas filled with family, friends and good cheer.