Refreshing and Restyling Jewellery!

It's so rewarding (and environmentally conscious) to restyle an item into something new and fabulous. One of my latest crafty projects included refreshing a rusted necklace. I love the thrill of finding great stuff at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store, but also the thrill of bringing a damaged item back to life.


- thrifted jewellery
- pliers
- jump rings
- chain
- Sharpie (optional)

Step 1

Persue your local Salvation Army Thrift Store for one or two secondhand pieces of jewelry. I found this necklace years ago and wore it all the time then recently found the chain had rusted. An easy way to bring a worn piece back to life is to either repurpose it in combination with another piece of jewelry or to replace the worn pieces with new hardware.

Step 2

For my necklace refresh I decided to replace the rusted parts. I dropped by my local Michaels for jump rings and a chain. I was able to find the perfect silver chain. I also found jump rings in the same finish as the necklace. 

Note: Feel free to reuse as much as you can. For this update I knew I could reuse the leaves and clasp. 

Now that I had all of my materials I took my necklace apart and then replaced the jump rings.

Step 3

Then I replaced the chain. I used the same length of chain as the rusted piece. Next I added the clasp from the original necklace.

Step 4

In order to soften the finish of the leaves from the original necklace and have it work with the new chain I used a silver Sharpie on the leaves and rusted clasp. I wiped the finish with a paper towel then was done.

Step 5

My new-to-me necklace looks stunning. I even have the perfect ring to go with it. Love an easy DIY that turns out so well!