Refashioning Baseball Caps DIY

Happy New Year fellow thrifters and crafters! I'm starting 2020 with a bang by refashioning a secondhand baseball cap into a unicorn hat because this year I'm hitting it outta the ballpark. Want your own team hat? It's so easy to customize an old baseball cap in a jiffy. You can restyle a cap into an animal or creature, add your own badge to the front or use fabric paint to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


- a thrifted baseball cap
- scrap wool or felt
- a button for the eye
- embroidery needle and floss
- pattern for your custom design
- pins
- scissors

Step 1


First step is to score a baseball cap from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went with this pink LA baseball cap. I liked the colour and knew I could easily cover up the embroidered letters.

Step 2


Next create your pattern. I drew two - one of a unicorn and one of a cloud shape making sure it was big enough to cover the letters on the front of the baseball cap.

Step 3


I then traced the pattern onto felt and cut out my pieces. You can use felt or a felted wool sweater for the design. 

Note: for the unicorn horn I painted white felt with gold paint.

Step 4


Once you have your pieces cut then pin them together and use embroidery floss to stitch them together. I stitched the pieces together first then pinned the complete design onto the front of the baseball cap making sure to cover up the old design. Now you stitch your custom design to the front and then you're done!

Step 5


Here's the final restyled baseball cap. I even added magical stars around the unicorn! I'm ready to bring my magical and sparkly mojo to the New Year.