Bloor Thrift Store Becomes Pop-Up Studio for Emerging Artist

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is the latest ‘pop-up studio’ location of the VIBE Arts’ ‘Emerging Artist Residency Program.’

Under the program the Toronto-based illustrator and Arts Educator, Jade Greaves, will be take center stage in the store on January 11th, 12th, 14th and 18th discussing her chosen topic, ‘Choosing Sustainable Sources.’ The residency program is geared at allowing developing artists to create work inspired by and in response to their surroundings, while talking to guests and passers-by.

The program’s intention is to generate new cultural intersections, where emerging artists and diverse Toronto audiences can merge, interact, learn and participate in exchanges of knowledge, culture and story. 

For Jade the Thrift Store was the perfect choice as a pop-up studio with its over 100 year history in recycling. She said, “In my everyday life I am very conscious of where the items I use come from. I've titled my residency ‘Choosing Sustainable Sources’ to encourage people to think about where their clothes come from and what they support when they purchase clothing.”

This artist residency is a curated and interactive arts experience, produced within the Arts for Social Justice Project, an Ontario Trillium Foundation funded collaboration between VIBE Arts and the Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust.