About Thrift Store

Salvation Army founder, General William Booth was a visionary who effected great change on an international scale. As founder of the Salvation Army, General Booth responded to social concerns in the 19th century by creating an organization designed to meet the needs of all humans without discrimination. In response to the need for jobs and affordable merchandise, coupled with the fear of disease and a desire to preserve the land, Booth created the Household Salvage Brigade composed of a group of men and women, responsible for collecting unwanted household items.

From DIY advent calendars to stylish outfits that spread Christmas cheer, we’ve got you covered with all the thrifted holiday fashion and décor ideas you could wish for.
Your safety is our paramount priority. In addition to our standard safety protocols, we’ve taken additional precautions to keep you safe while shopping and donating with us.
Your donations of gently used clothing and household items are needed more than ever to help our communities rebuild from the impact of COVID-19.