Our silent auctions feature the most exclusive donations in each store.

To join in on our in-store auctions, get fabulous product at a fraction of the cost, and have great fun, CLICK HERE to find a Thrift Store in your neighbourhood.

Auction dates and participation vary per location. Please contact your local Thrift Store for details.


  • All in-store auction items are numbered items, and can be bid upon in each store's in-store Silent Auction Book.
  • Store management sets all opening bids
  • When making a bid, you must provide your name, phone number, and date of your bid on the page of the Silent Auction Book which contains the details of the item(s) you are bidding for.
  • Each subsequent bid must increase by the increment shown in the Auction Book, or the bid will be invalid.
  • The book will be removed on the date set by store management at 6:00 p.m., after which time, the auction will go live, in-store, where you can continue to bid on items of your choice until auction closing.
  • If there are no further bids at the live auctions on an item or items in the participating stores, the item will go to the highest bid in the Silent Auction Book.
  • Neither bids by phone or reserve bids permitted
  • Item(s) must be purchased at the conclusion of the live auction.
  • If an item(s) is acquired through the in-store Silent Auction Book, the bidder will be notified by phone, and must purchase those items within three (3) days of that notification, or the item(s) will be offered to the next highest bidder.
  • There are no discounts, refunds, or exchanges on auction items.
  • All auction items are subject to applicable taxes.