Making a Difference for Over 800 Kids this summer

This summer will be an unforgettable experience in the lives of 824 kids who will be enjoying summer camp through the support of The Salvation Army Thrift Store’s 2018 Send a Kid to Camp campaign. 

Taking place in over six weeks from May – June in 108 Thrift Store locations, the campaign raised over $180,000 from generous donors. Aiming to send 750 kids to Salvation Army summer camps across Canada, the GoodWorks@WorkTM initiative surpassed expectations due to the enthusiasm of local communities and team members. 

“Our communities feel strongly about giving that camp experience to underprivileged children. The continued success of this campaign goes to show how valuable attending summer camps are,” says Michele Walker, Director of Retail Operations. “We have a lot of donors and team members that have had incredible experiences and want to share that with a child who without their support might not have been able to attend.” 

Through The Salvation Army Camping Ministries children experience a wide array of activities from hiking, mountain biking, swimming, archery, canoeing, enjoying campfires, climbing, sports and games. Through group activities they also learn life lessons such as team building, refining social skills and developing independence. 

“Together we are able to make a difference for children who will value this experience. Thank you to each and every person involved in making this campaign a success for our eighth year!” Walker added.

The annual campaign kicked off on May 1st and ended on June 9th. During last year's six week campaign, the Thrift Stores collected over $170,000 to send 776 kids to camp.