5 (No Sew) DIY's Perfect for Fall

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Fall has arrived and so has the cooler weather. Try one or all of these warm and cozy DIYs perfect for autumn. 

For all of these projects, you'll need a felted wool sweater and a handy dandy pair of scissors. First step is to score a wool sweater from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store then wash it in hot water and dry it. Now you're ready to get crafty!

1. Coffee sleeve
An easy way to make a coffee sleeve for your thermos or coffee mug is to use the sleeve of the felted wool sweater. Use the end of the sleeve and cut the sleeve 3-4 inches from the seam. And that's it! 


2. Fingerless mittens
You can make fingerless mittens from the sleeves of a wool sweater with 2 cuts. First figure out how long you want the mittens to be. Maybe you want them to cover halfway up to your elbow or longer. Cut a straight line then figure out where you want your thumb to be. Cut a hole for your thumb and you're done!


3. Leg warmers
Another super simple DIY for refashioning a thrifted wool sweater is to use the full length of the sleeves of the wool sweater to make leg warmers. Cut a straight line at the top of the arm. Now you can put them on over your leggings and boots. I love these for snowshoeing! You can bunch them up or stretch them out depending on how you're accessorizing them. 


4. Headband
You can get as simple or as complicated as you want with this DIY. I cut a strip of a wool sweater then wrapped it over my ears, around my head then tied it up in the back. Easy peasy!


5. Infinity scarf
Who doesn't love infinity scarves?! I do! They dress up an outfit while keeping you cozy. For this project you cut the bottom of the sweater. You can make this as wide as you want. You can even cut 1 inch wide strips then group a bunch together. Or in this case I cut one piece at 6 inches in width. 

That's my list of no sew ways to repurpose a thrifted wool sweater. What's on your list of upcycling projects perfect for secondhand wool sweaters?