Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Summer is here and so is the hot weather! The arrival of the heat and sun means hanging out at your local pool or beach to cool off. Here's a simple DIY for jazzing up a thrifted towel. 

Supplies for this project include:

  • towel
  •  Sharpies, fabric paint or bleach
  • stencil (optional)
  • sponge brush (optional)


First you'll need a secondhand towel from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I went with a plain towel that I wanted to stencil onto. Depending on how you want to customize the towel you may want a plain towel or a light towel. Before starting this project wash then dry the towel.

In this DIY, I'm adding stencilled text to the towel. You can switch up the DIY by using bleach to create a design or even Sharpies.

The text I decided to go with is "Seas the day". Thankfully I had some letters on hand to use for this DIY. You can tell they've been used a lot!

Before adding the fabric paint, I placed the stencils on the towel to get a rough idea of spacing. 

Once you're ready, use one hand to hold down the stencil then dab the sponge brush into your fabric paint. Keep dabbing the stencil until the exposed area is completely covered in paint. Keep doing this for each letter.

Once done, allow to dry. Now that your refashioned towel is dry, you are ready to hit the beach or pool in style.