patio before

Contributed by: Tijana McAllister of A Plentiful Life, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.
Reposted from: July 10, 2019

Is your outdoor space feeling a little drab? Are you in need of a patio refresh? After a few seasons of exposure to the elements, a patio can take a real beating. See the above photo. One winter in Vancouver with all the rain, our patio and rug are definitely beat up! Note to self: take the rug inside for the winter!
patio after

It’s always nice to refresh the patio once the sun comes out. It doesn’t take much to bring it back to life. I gave our patio a bit of a facelift, cleaned the rug and painted the side table that was damaged. It only took a couple hours on a Saturday to bring it all together.
throw pillow

If you want a patio refresh, but aren’t sure how to do it, start with these budget items from your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. The thrift store is a great place to purchase outdoor decor. A lot of people donate items they are no longer using and if they are meant for the outdoors, are usually in pretty good shape.

Tray: The perfect patio accessory. While great for serving food, it can also combine with an ottoman to create a tabletop. Find one that will work outside like a metal or rattan tray.

Candle holders: A nice design touch that also provides lovely ambient lighting. Look for large candlesticks or lanterns for a good balance.

Potted plant: Add greenery or colourful flowers to your patio. Plants will make your space feel cozy and like an extension of your living space.
Adding these three key decor pieces makes a big impact and were affordable thanks to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The smaller pieces of decor really bring the patio refresh together.

Patio Refresh Cost Breakdown:

Set of 3 candlesticks – $12.99
Rattan tray – $4.99
Ceramic plant pot – $6.99

TOTAL: $24.97

I already owned the rug, pillows, outdoor loveseat, ottoman and side table. With this patio refresh I was not looking to replace everything but simply add in some smaller decor. It is amazing how adding 3 pieces of smaller décor can really elevate the style.