5 secondhand items perfect for re-purposed planters

Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Fall is a lovely time to move your green thumb from the outdoors to the indoors. My FAV greenery are succulents. They're gorgeous, resilient and don't require too green a thumb... Thank goodness since I don't have the best skills when it comes to plants! 

Here are 5 items I've upcycled into funky planters:

1. Vases and glasses
Sometimes you can score glassware that is perfect for a feature piece. Whether it's for your coffee table or window, a thrifted vase or glass could make a fun home for a plant. I turned this retro green glass into a planter by adding rocks to the bottom for drainage, filling the stem with soil then taking part of a succulent and planting it in the middle. Kind of funky and one of a kind!


2. Tea pot or tea cup
It's super hip to refashion a tea pot or tea cup into a planter. Same steps... add rocks to the bottom, then soil then plant a succulent and you're done! You could even try making a herb garden for your kitchen out of a tea set. Why not!

tea pot

3. Mason jars
Mason jars are awesome go to DIY planters. You can add some autumn pizzazz using jute or burlap... An easy macrame planter is all the rage as well.


4. Cups and bowls
From small to large thrifted cups and bowls can be another way to create unique planters for your home. Dress them up by making a macrame plant hanger and add some secondhand beads or jewelry.


5. Candle holders and candelabra
Depending on the candle holder or candelabra you can easily refashion them into a mini planter for your succulents. Candelabra plant hangers are all over Pinterest if you need some inspiration!


6. Bonus... any random object you thrift that can be upcycled into a planter
I've upcycled glass light covers, round metal cheese graters and more into happy homes for herbs or succulents. Be open to the possibility and you'll create quite the eclectic menagerie of planters for yourself.