Refresh Your Decor With Thrifted Finds

Contributed by: Erin Rochon of Bluebird Upcycled Style, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert

I love refreshing my space throughout the year. I can have fun playing with design trends and it keeps my space feeling vibrant. It can get expensive buying new decor throughout the year, so my secret is to hit my local Salvation Army Thrift store for some great finds. Here are a few of the decor pieces I found on my last trip.


These gorgeous pillows were a perfect find. Have some fun when decorating by adding personality and a bit of whimsy. The Queen Dog pillows also feeds into my slight dog obsession…


You can never have too many baskets. I love using them for plants, serving food, they are a great way to hide clutter and get organized.


I am loving these gorgeous vintage pottery pieces. Two of them are Blue Mountain Pottery pieces with a stamp of three triangles to signify mountains with the letters BMP. Always make sure to check for any stamps or markings when thrifting. You never know what you may find.

Thrifted art is such an amazing way to easily and inexpensively refresh your decor. The large scale and stunning colours of this piece of art would be a focal point in any space.

Refreshing your space is easy to do and can make a big impact on your space. Make sure to hit your local Salvation Thrift Store next time you want to freshen things up. Happy thrifting!