5 Thrifted Items to Upcycle into Garden Markers


Contributed by: Denise of Thrifty by Design, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

These days loads of people are planting their own edible gardens. Whether it's a mini herb garden or a full blown backyard patch, there are tons of fun ways to take a secondhand treasure and repurpose it into a marker to help identify all of your edibles.

Here are 5 thrifted items to upcycle into garden markers:

1. Forks
An easy DIY is to take a fork, pop a wine cork on top then plant it. Use a Sharpie to write the name of the edible onto the wine cork.

2. Knitting needles
You can either use a wine cork on the pointed end of the knitting needle or in my sample I used the empty seed package. I cut small slits into the top and bottom of the package then weaved the needle through the slits. 

3. Skewers
Another use for these pointy items is to add a wine cork to the top then plant them. Feel free to have some fun with the text on the wine corks. I used a stamp to add text onto one of my wine corks.

4. Serving spoons
A simple upcycle is to write on a ceramic or wood serving spoon then plant the stem into your garden. You can use Sharpies or try decorating with outdoor paint.

5. Mason jar lids
Take the lid insert from a Mason jar and a clothes peg then you're good to go. I decorated the lid using a Sharpie and a magnetic letter. Once you've decorated the lid then plant the ends of the clothes pegs into the soil. 
mason jar lid

That's my list of thrifted treasures that can be upcycled into simple garden markers. An additional idea is to experiment with old toys like Scrabble pieces, Lego people, wooden shapes, etc. There's lots of nifty ideas out there that add some funk to your garden.