Contributed by:Autumn Hachey, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I don’t have any vacations planned at the moment but my recent finds at The Salvation Army Thrift Store has me wanting to book something, pronto! I don’t often pursue the hat section at the Thrift Store —but as I am looking to add more clothes into my wardrobe I’ve been frequenting the clothing areas in the thrift shop much more lately.

I found this floppy polka dot visor and I can’t wait to book my next trip! As if finding a beautiful floppy polka dot visor wasn’t enough of a sign that I need to get away, in the same trip I also found this beautiful (and super unique) rattan backpack- for under $5!! 
It’s super lightweight- and the perfect size for essentials like sunscreen and shades.They totally could have been sold together they’re a perfect match! Now the only question is.. Where to book a flight too!? :) I’m looking at you Costa Rica! Happy hunting!