Environmentally Conscious Resolutions

Anna Lee

Contributed by: Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

With 2019 here I really thought hard on the positive changes that I wanted to make in my life. Among all my other goals that I have for this year, one big goal is to completely eliminate fast fashion and get more into sustainable fashion practices (which is why I love thrifting!). So here are some tips that I’m currently using and that can also help you make changes for yourself to better the planet! 

Second-hand Shopping:

Fashion is the second highest polluting industry that causes so much waste in our landfills. And it doesn’t help when fast fashion stores are constantly putting out new collections every month. One thing I learned is that shopping second-hand truly does make a difference because you’re taking part in giving new life to previously worn clothes. My favourite ways of shopping second-hand is going to Thrift Stores and vintage shops. There’s always something for everyone and I personally find it exciting for hunting for new treasures! 

Don’t throw out, Donate! 

You never want to throw out any type of clothing to the trash! Most clothing items can find a second chance at life. A great alternative is to donate your clothes to a local Salvation Army Thrift Store or even give it away to your friends or family-- it’s such a great way to share clothes! 

Do your research or shop local 

There’s always more options than shopping second-hand if that’s not your thing! Do your research beforehand and do some digging on brands that you currently shop at. I always love it when brands are transparent about where their products are being sourced, their work environments, and their mission statement. It makes me feel even extra close to the brand and makes me want to support them even more! 

Do your best, forget the rest!

Don’t beat yourself up if you make a few mishaps, no one’s perfect. If we’re all doing our best then that’s more than enough! 

I hope this post was helpful to those who are thinking of cutting back on fast fashion and being more sustainable. Remember that a little goes a long way!