Springing into Action through Donations of Clothing and Household Items

Provided by: Creative Expert Augustine Pilon of Iamyrtille

March has finally arrived and that means winter is (almost) done! The best time to do a big spring clean around the house is when the flowers start to bloom. This includes decluttering and donating items that are no longer of use to us. It can sometimes be difficult to get rid of objects that hold memories, but giving them a new home feels so much better than keeping them all piled away in a closet.

Pic 1

As someone who is very nostalgic, it has always been really difficult for me to get rid of things. However, I have realized that giving a second life to things I no longer need (and knowing that someone could probably use them more than me) fulfills me much more than keeping them. This was my motivation to start donating.

Pic 2

Here are some of the items that I decided to get rid of this spring. I am sure that this knit sweater (which reminds me of my happy teaching days) would be put to much greater use if I gave it to someone else.

Pic 3

This blazer reminds me of a funny memory at my previous job. Even though it reminds me of good times, I haven’t worn it in over a year, which is a sure sign that it’s time to give it a second life.

Pic 4

I hesitated a lot before donating this trench coat because I find it very stylish and unique. I have yet to wear it and have only kept it in my wardrobe with the hope of wearing it one day. Since I know that it serves no use to me, I would be much happier knowing that it has found a new home.

Pic 5

When I spring clean, I like to get rid of books that I don’t read anymore and decorative objects that no longer spark joy. These cooking books were piled up in the corner of my cupboard, so I will donate them with all of the rest.

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After all, March is a good time to start fresh and to give back. It should become a habit! I feel so free and peaceful after donating; it’s indescribable. I highly recommend it to you, especially when donating to The Salvation Army Thrift Store makes a positive impact here in my community.

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