Dressing for Fall

Fall1Contributed by Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

It’s crazy to think that it’s already November. With Christmas being next month, I’m already anticipating that winter is coming. It’s been a chilly Fall here in Toronto which means having to dress for cold weather. That doesn’t necessarily mean having to be in sweats and puffy layers, there’s still a way that you can dress warm and look cute at the same time.

My biggest tip is to get a good quality coat for cold weather— that way it can last for years in your closet and it will actually keep you warm. One of my current favourites is a long wool military style coat— it’s easy to style and it frames your body so nicely even if you’re wearing a bulky sweater underneath! I decided to pair this jacket with a simple white top, simple denim pants, some western-style boots, and this little purse!