Thrifted Home Favourite : Vase


Contributed by Autumn Hachey, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

When it comes to home decor, I can’t say it enough how many amazing options there are at The Salvation Army Thrift Store. It’s great to be able to find unique pieces that aren’t as readily available. I found this peach vase at the Thrift Store a little while ago, but was waiting to find the perfect pampas grass to fill it with.

Now I am very pleased with my mantel decor and the vase is having its shining moment. When you’re looking for vases, my biggest recommendation is to pick things based on their shape, and not necessarily their colour. Why do you ask? Because spray painting is always an option.. so if you can find items in shapes you like.. there’s always opportunity to DIY them a bit and change their colour. Give it a try! Next time you’re at the thrift shop, try to put on your “shape” filter when you’re looking at viable options!