5 Tips for Thrifting Jewelry


Contributed by: Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I never thought that I would be getting into gold jewelry or even thrifting for them. I recently stumbled upon the glass counter at Salvation Army Thrift Store that I discovered such beautiful treasures and great quality jewelry! So here are my 5 tips that can help you find amazing jewelry at the Thrift Store:

1. Patience is key

I know it can be hard doing the waiting game especially if you’re eager on finding the perfect jewelry for your collection, but I promise you to wait until you find the right look and style. Thrift stores are always putting out new inventory everyday so it’s important to be patient! 

2. Quality over quantity

Whenever I’m shopping for jewelry I’m always looking out for quality over quantity. I always say to spend more money on jewelry that will last you a lifetime. I used to buy cheap rings in the past and I remembered that it would only last me for about a month because the colour started to fade and it stained my skin. So instead of wasting your money on cheap jewelry, look out for nickel free (in case you have allergies) or real gold jewelry pieces. There’s usually a number that shows on the item to tell if it’s gold or you can just ask the employee!

3. Create a Pinterest Board 

I’m the Queen of pinning when it comes to Pinterest boards! It just makes it so much easier when you pin photos of jewelry pieces that inspire you so that when you do go out and thrift, you’ll have some inspiration to help you along your thrift trip. And it can even spark some new ideas for your style! I guarantee you that you’ll be saving time and will stay on track and not get too distracted!

4. Venture out to new Thrift Stores 

Since most thrift stores have a small jewelry section, I always recommend to go to multiple places. Salvation Army Thrift Store has a ton of locations in Canada and the more thrift trips you can make the better chance you get on actually finding something! 

5. Try it on & look through the details

So my final tip is very crucial because I think it’s important to try on the jewelry piece to even see if it works for you! And for anything that you put on or in your skin (ex. earrings) I highly recommend that you can bring alcohol wipes with you to use when you’re trying it on. You always want to be safe than sorry! 

And lastly while you’re trying on the item don’t forget to look through the details and inspect the jewelry piece in case there’s some visible flaws that may not work for you. So good luck and happy thrifting!!! :)