Thrift Store Wardrobe Basic: The White Blouse

Thrifted Vintage White Blouse

Contributed by: Autumn Hachey, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I want to try to shift more attention to my wardrobe. When I go thrifting I usually spend most of my time in the homewares sections and rarely make my way over to the clothes. I’ve decided to do myself a favour and spend a bit more time hunting for clothes.

This month I visited The Salvation Army Thrift Store on St Clair Ave West in Toronto and found this adorable 1970s vintage white blouse, it’s perfect! It’s a great staple to have in my wardrobe as it can really go with anything! My only tip for blouse hunting is to wear pants that you love so you can see what your potential new tops can look like with your fav pair of pants!