Holiday Mantle

Contributed by: Tijana of A Plentiful Life, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Affordable holiday items are possible with the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Last year I was very lucky to find some gorgeous décor for our front door most of it was thrifted. I also bought décor for my holiday mantel from the thrift store. Most of the time when we think of thrift store, the first thing that comes to mind is clothing. There is so much more to be found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. If you are thinking of refreshing your holiday décor but don’t have a large budget, consider thrifting a few pieces.

I would suggest going through your old décor first to get rid of the items that no longer fit with your style or like as much as you once did! If you take these items to the Salvation Army Thrift Store, ask for the coupon! You will receive a coupon for $10 off a spend of $25 or more. That means if you find $25 worth of holiday décor, you will only spend $15.
thrifted holiday home decor


GARLAND – If you are looking to decorate your front door or mantel for the holidays but don’t have the budget to purchase enough garland. Check out your local Salvation Army Thrift Store. I was recently in the store by my house and they have several long garland strands for a very good price point.

WREATH – Want a wreath for your front door but don’t plan on making one and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the thrift store is a great option. I saw several wreaths in store at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

ORNAMENTS – There are many nice ornaments you can thrift. The Salvation Army Thrift Store has created little ornaments packages with some mix and match, another location had a decorated tree and all ornaments were only 50 cents and I even saw new packages of ornaments that had not been used.

GIFT TOPPERS – I didn’t find much wrapping paper but was very surprised to find affordable ribbon, festive berries and larger ornaments that would be great on top of a wrapped gift.

DECOR – What do you need for the holidays? Decorative tins, mini trees, candle holders, santas, and all the holiday knick knacks are waiting for you at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
holiday decor2

All of the holiday shots above are ninety percent thrifted. I love changing up my holiday décor it’s so much fun. Make a small investment in the décor. Then it is easier to donate items you no longer want to use and purchase affordable new décor. Are there any items you really want to find for your home this year? Do you think you could find them at the thrift store?