5 Travel Items to Thrift for your Next Adventure

Provided by: Creative Expert Denise Corcoran of Thrifty by Design

Are you getting ready for an upcoming trip? Your local Salvation Army Thrift Store is the place to find budget friendly luggage and trip accessories. Here are 5 items you can buy secondhand to help reduce the cost of your next expedition.



1. A suitcase

Brand new suitcases can be expensive. You can find secondhand luggage of all shapes and sizes at a reasonable price.

Carry-on Bag


2. A carry on bag

Score a secondhand bag or backpack to take on the plane with you as carry on. Make sure it fits the airline's size and weight requirements then you're set.



3. A case or bag for your laptop or tablet

Everyone has a laptop or tablet these days. I love loading my tablet up with movies or TV shows from Netflix for watching on the airplane. Or even once I get to my destination. You can usually find a case or bag at your local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Makeup Bag


4. Toiletry bags

You can find toiletry bags in all sizes either for your shampoo and conditioner, your makeup or your toothbrush and toothpaste. Sometimes you luck out and find one with a vibrant colour or pattern.

5. Repurpose a secondhand find

Buy a pencil case and repurpose it into a make up bag. Or use small plastic containers for shampoo and conditioner. There are so many possibilities for restyling a thrift store treasure.