Finding Unique Decorative Objects to Embellish the House!

Contributed by: Augutsine Pilon of Iamyrtille- Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I often feel the need to change the décor at home. It gives me the impression of changing the atmosphere and giving new life to a corner that was a little gloomy, in short, like letting in a breath of fresh air into my apartment. To do this, I go hunting in thrift stores to find decorative objects that are out of the ordinary and that "spark joy". I found these two small yellow and pink vases at The Salvation Army thrift store on St-Hubert Street, in Montreal, for the modest sum of $0.69 each, as well as the ceramic teapot for $1.00. Which goes to show that there is no need to go broke to put a little color in one’s apartment!



I love adding dried flowers to my vases to give a personal touch. You can buy dried flowers directly from the florist, but if you can’t find the variety you are looking for, you can always buy them fresh and hang them to dry upside down.


I immediately fell in love with the ceramic teapot the moment I saw it in the thrift store. Its colours and decorative motifs reminded me of those of Henri Matisse, whom I particularly like. It's exactly this kind of object that catches my eye when I go hunting for thrift items. I know at first glance that it will be a central element in my décor.


This is what my little corner of decorative objects looks like in my living room. I find they fit harmoniously into my vintage décor! In my opinion, creating this kind of “visually pleasing and colourful” little corner really helps get through the November blues. I hope your decorative finds will be as inspiring and colourful as mine. J