Thrifted Dress: How A Small Fix Made it New Again

Contributed by: Tijana McAllister of A Plentiful Life, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

When I saw this blue dress on a rack at my local Salvation Army thrift store, I prayed to the thrift god’s it would fit. It did! When I washed it, I think I ended up shrinking it a bit as it was a little shorter, oops. It’s the perfect thrifted dress for summer walks. My two favorite features are the pockets and the little buttons on the shoulder. 


This thrifted dress is made by Zara and was in great shape. Except it was missing one button on the shoulder! I knew it would be an easy and affordable fix. To DressSew I went and ended up finding new buttons for only $1.25. This still kept the cost of the dress low as this thrifted dress from the Salvation Army thrift store only cost $8.99. With the $1.25 button investment I was only at $10.24.


Do you think a small fix like new buttons is worth it on a thrifted piece? I do if the quality of the pieces is really good. As it was in the case of this Zara dress. After I fixed the buttons it was a brand new piece. 


A quick fix was necessary on this checkered dress, the bow on the back had come undone. I looked up the dress online to see what it looked like. Put the bow back in place and did a little bit of hand sewing to make sure it stayed. A really easy update but it created a piece that looked brand new!




Zara Dress: $8.99 (Salvation Army thrift store), New Buttons: $1.25 (DressSew), Artizia Hat: $4.99 (Salvation Army thrift store), Red Espadrilles: $34.99 (H&M)

TOTAL COST: $50.22


This weekend we are headed out of town and this is definitely going to be in my weekender bag! A simple outfit that doesn’t take up a lot of room, perfect! Plus it’s supposed to 30 degrees this weekend, so lightweight clothing will be key.


Have you ever fallen in love with a thrift store find and mended it? Maybe a seam needed fixing or new buttons? I would be interested to see what else people have fixed. In order to have a brand new piece of clothing on a budget from the Salvation Army thrift store.