Why I Love Thrifting

green dress

Contributed by: Tijana McAllister of A Plentiful Life and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

I thought I’d write about how I fell in love with thrifting. A lot of people don’t understand how almost 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted, or where I find my good quality clothing. (I’ll let you in on a secret The Salvation Army Thrift Store) If someone asks where a piece of clothing is from and I say, “the thrift store” they are always surprised. I think most people imagine a thrift store to be a place where all the disgusting clothes people no longer want end up. Not true!

See these gorgeous shoes above? I found them at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for only $8.99. Want to know a little secret? These are designer shoes, Stubbs & Wootton and they retail for $500! Yes you read that right. The shoes look barely worn, the sole is in great shape, the insides are not molded to someone else’s foot, they were practically brand new. How did they end up at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store? That is a mystery.

The number one reason I love thrifting is because it affords me a designer wardrobe at bargain prices. I always make a point to choose brand name pieces I know will last or are good quality material. Although I do change up my wardrobe quite a lot, there are key pieces I’ve thrifted that will last for years. If you took a look in my closet, you would see brands like Joie, Theory, Zara, J. Crew, Club Monaco, Wilfred, and the list goes on. Most of the time if you can find the thrifted piece of clothing online you are paying 5% of the retail price. FIVE PERCENT! Instead of my wardrobe costing $5000 it is only $250.

Here are some of the other reasons I love thrifting:

  • Better on the environment. A recent statistic in Vancouver was that we THROW AWAY 44 million pounds of clothing per year.
  • I am more conscientious about what I purchase. I don’t want to be one of those people taking bags of clothing to donation of items I bought but never fit properly or I didn’t really like the colour but it was on sale.
  • It’s a way to give back. The Salvation Army Thrift Store uses this money to support their many services, programs and relief efforts.

Zara Green Dress: $8.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Stubbs & Wootton Shoes: $8.99 (Salvation Army Thrift Store), Black Tights: $4.99 (Shoppers), Black Faux Leather Purse: $19.99 (Winners), Black Earrings: $14.99(Winners)

TOTAL: $57.95

How can you go wrong with a head to toe outfit for under $60. I LOVE fashion, and couldn’t imagine spending all my hard earned money on full priced clothing. But I still want nice things. This blog is all about “Living your best life on a budget”, you don’t have to compromise your style or purchase low quality items to have it. It simply means we have to be a little more creative to get everything we want.
green dress 3