The Benefits of Thrifting


Contributed by: Anna Lee, Vlogger and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

Since #EarthLovesThrift is happening this month at Salvation Army Thrift Store, I thought I would dedicate this blog post to thrifting and why it’s such an amazing way to shop sustainably. At the start of 2019, I made the conscious decision to get more into sustainable and ethical fashion because I wanted to do my part in and creating change. And since thrifting is such a big part of my life, I thought I share the benefits (and my love) of thrifting. 

1. It gives a new chance 

I love the idea of giving new life to something old. Whether that be clothing, decorations, furniture, or jewelry-- I like to see if that item is going to a new home to someone that will take care of it and love the item. It’s a perfect solution to reducing waste and not having things go directly to landfill. 

2.  Saves you money 

If you’re on a budget but still want to look cute you can definitely do that with thrifting. The prices are much lower than shopping at your average retailer and there’s always deals happening where you can save a lot of money! 

3. A great way to experiment with your style 

As someone who is constantly evolving and changing up my style, I always love going to the thrift store to try something new! Since thrift stores always drop new inventory everyday they’ll never be out of stock. And I also like the fact that you’re able to find one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have! 

4. Your purchases go to charity 

As The Salvation Army Thrift Store is a non-profit,  your purchases do make a difference! It’s a great way to know that your purchases go towards helping others. 

5. Great excuse for a DIY project 

If you’re a fan of Pinterest boards and doing fun crafty projects than thrifting is definitely for you! I always come across different, unique things at the thrift store where it can be super useful. For instance, I love a good upcycle so I’ll always go to the home decor section to find items that I can re-purpose and revamp and make into something new. One of reasons why I love thrifting so much is that it really challenges you to be creative, finding an item that has potential and making it work for you! 

So I encourage you all to go donate your old items and to go thrifting! Find your own reasons as to why you thrift store shopping. And don’t forget that The Salvation Army Thrift Store is having a special coupon for special donations. Happy thrifting!