basic wardrobe
Contributed by: Tijana McAllister of A Plentiful Life, Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

The basic wardrobe has slowly creeped into my every day style. I thought I was the fun friend, always buying bright colours, fun patterns and textured clothing. More recently I have realized I more of a basic, minimalist, neutral kind of gal. Over the past couple months there has been a lot of talk about my wardrobe, whether it was about the outfit that inspired a wardrobe overhaul or how I feel my style has changed or building a great travel wardrobe.

In that time over half my wardrobe has made it’s way to the Salvation Army Thrift Store for donation. It’s win win! I can clear out my wardrobe for new pieces and am given a great coupon for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. This month for #EarthLovesThrift the Salvation Army Thrift Store is giving away a great coupon. If you are considering clearing out your closet, now is the time!

After donating most of my clothes to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and selling a few piece at Hey Archive, which is coming up again and I am a vendor!  I needed to rebuild. Where to start? I’m not an office worker that needs a basic wardrobe for work and weekends. I wanted a wardrobe that was flexible, could work for a day in the office, brunch with girlfriends, weekends away, and so on. My new wardrobe had to be a reflection of my overall style and not broken in separate sections.

1. Shop for the basics
This will allow you to create many outfit combinations. Pieces like black pants and a white tee pair on their own are simple but pair really nicely with a coloured lightweight jacket. Keeping the piece neutral also makes it easy to dress up or down.

  • Basic t-shirt (grey or white)
  • Button down shirt (white or jean)
  • Sweater or Cardigan (neutral colour)
  • Black dress
  • Blue jeans
  • Black pants
  • Everyday skirt
  • Neutral flats
  • Black boots
  • Casual runners
  • Large leather bag
  • Neutral leather purse
  • Jewelry (costume and delicate)
    basic 2

2. Add versatile footwear
This eliminates the need for multiple pairs. Having a small selection of quality footwear is better than having a closet full of uncomfortable, poorly made shoes. The footwear should go with all outfits, casual or dressy.

3. Include everyday accessories
Pieces that will enhance your wardrobe and can dress up your basics. Dress it up with nice jewelry or a leather purse. Again you could throw on the black pants and white tee with a couple layered necklaces and a big watch, it changes the look again.
basic 3

Do you have a good base of pieces that work together? Or are you constantly frustrated by a wardrobe that doesn’t really work together?

Tired of feeling like the items in your wardrobe don’t really work together? Spring is the perfect time to build a new wardrobe. Evaluate the pieces you have, donate clothing you no longer wear to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Then use the list above to thrift a great wardrobe! Once you’ve built your basic wardrobe you can start to add in statement pieces.