DIY Your Own Spring Inspired Dresser


Contributed by: Erin Rochon of Bluebird Upcycled Style and Salvation Army Thrift Store Creative Expert.

The tough winter we have just endured here in Canada has left me craving all things Spring. I wanted to create spring inspired decor, so I hit my local Ottawa Salvation Army store on Richmond road to see what I could find. 

I found this fantastic dresser with clean lines and great hardware. It is the perfect canvas for my spring inspired project. The dresser was in great condition, very solid but the finish was tired and outdated. I knew that I could easily transform and update this dresser by painting it. Check out the steps I took to transform this dresser from tired to a gorgeous spring inspired dresser.

Materials you will need:

  • Fusion Tsp
  • 220 sandpaper
  • lint free cloths or shop rags
  • blue fusion paint brush
  • Fusion Ultra Grip
  • Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk
  • Redesign with Prima Fern Woods Transfer
  • FAT Paint Clear Coat

The most important step when painting furniture is to always prep first. Prepping is a 3 step process where you first clean your furniture with TSP- Fusion’s TSP is my favourite to use. Once I gave it a good clean, I used 220 sandpaper to scuff the dresser; scuffing the whole dresser as if I was wiping down my kitchen table. You do not need to pull out the hand sander, way too much work! The final step was to wipe down the dresser with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue. 

With the dresser having a laminate veneer, I needed to apply Fusion Ultra Grip in one thin coat to ensure proper adhesion. After 12 hours of curing, it was time to start painting! My inspiration for this dresser was this gorgeous botanical transfer from Redesign with Prima. I have been waiting to find the right piece of furniture to use this transfer and this dresser is perfect for it!


I used Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk, a beautiful warm white to paint the dresser. It’s the perfect creamy white to contrast the stunning green botanical transfer. After 2 coats of paint, I waited 48 hours before applying the transfer to avoid cracking and ensuring proper adhesion.

I cut each leaf out and placed them individually over the dresser. Once I established where I wanted to place the transfer, I removed the wax layer and gently placed the transfer onto the dresser. Using the applicator, I firmly rubbed the transfer onto the dresser for about 30 to 45 seconds and then gently peeled back the transfer paper.

Once I was happy with the placement of the transfers, I applied 2 coats of  FAT paint Clear Top Coat to seal and protect the transfers. The clear coat dries very quickly and I was able to decorate as soon as it was dry. I found some gorgeous baskets at The Salvation Army thrift store. I hung them to add some texture and to give it an organic feel. This once tired dresser now brings a bright, contemporary spring inspired feel into this space, even when it doesn’t feel like spring outside. Have fun and happy painting!

dresser 2